Step 6: Instagram


Once Done Click 'PROCEED TO STEP #7’

  • TOMORROWS WOD: A 10-20s video that shows you each exercise and the name for you to start learning what each exercise is called
  • Movement Tip: This is 1-2 minutes and goes over the hardest exercise that you will do in tomorrows workout to give you the inside knowledge before you start class

As a beginner it's important to watch these videos each day. Its only 2-3 minutes and will really help you to know what's coming in the classes and have an amazing session every time!

"Coming to LIFT has been a game changer.The LIFT coaches have been able to help me achieve something that other coaches have not - squats with the proper depth!
 I have learned so much during my almost two years with them. The LIFT teams’ encouragement and the challenge of the WODs make the time I spend in the gym one of the best parts of my day."

~ Monica Martin