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A full health analysis using swab tests to understand every aspect of your health from your gut to the amount of stress your body is dealing with

A completely personal, and unique plan to improve your sleep, stress resilience, body composition & nutrition

24 Hour messaging contact with weekly video calls & progress reports to see exactly how you are changing over time

Consistent biometric tracking relayed to your coach for the best science backed program, built around you and your individual data

Gilbert Dougherty

High Performance Coach & Gym Owner

Meet Gilbert; your next fitness coach dedicated to merging science with exercise for maximal results.

His coaching philosophy centres on building close relationships with clients by providing personalised guidance for optimal results. By demystifying the science of fitness, Gilbert creates a supportive environment where clients feel empowered and motivated.

Your journey to better health and performance begins with a conversation

What our clients have to say


"Working with Gilbert has been a game-changer"

"Working with Gilbert has been a game-changer for my fitness journey. His science-based approach has not only helped me achieve my goals but have also seamlessly integrated into my busy lifestyle. We’ve developed a great relationship that has helped me to see my weaknesses and then action his advice to improve. Thanks to Gilbert, I've found a sustainable fitness routine that complements my professional life, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome."


"my newfound love of fitness"

"I credit Gilbert for my newfound love of fitness. I needed a program that not only worked, but seamlessly integrated into my schedule. Gilbert’s emphasis on the numbers and adjusting the program each week to my schedule have been the game changer.
The results speak for themselves, and I'm grateful for the transformative impact his coaching has had”


"Gilbert is not just a fitness coach; he’s a mentor."

His program goes beyond the conventional, combining a personal touch with the discipline and accountability I needed. Ive been incredibly surprised at how little I have had to adjust my routines, to see the change in my body. Gilbert did a great job of building the program around my travel schedule, which has always been the roadblock for me in the past. I highly recommend Gilbert to anyone that is looking to make fitness part of their life.


"I would certainly recommend Gilbert"

"I found myself hating my physique and the way i felt.
 Gilbert reached out at the perfect time and showed me how to make changes to my food and daily habits.
I'm always impressed by his ability to move me forward and keep me motivated. Ive lost 15kg so far and feel 10 years younger!

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